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eryn rose



UK based Eryn has always been kinky and loves being naked so much it can be hard to make them keep their clothes on! 

Eryn is an owned and collared slave to their real-life partner, but also a pansexual, polyamorous, switch who loves to experience as much of other people as possible. Eryn revels in the myriad of ways humans can be intimate with one another and the intensely powerful exchanges they can share. BDSM is hugely important to them and creeps its way into almost all of their work, one way or another. Ever an exhibitionist, putting those erotic exchanges on camera for others to enjoy has always been a goal. 

Acting, art nude modelling, and a rope bondage hobby, led to fetish modelling, live performance, and eventually porn, and Eryn couldn't be happier! Doing a little of everything and enjoying sexuality and creativity in everything they do.

Eryn Rose photo
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