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Kayden is a queer sex worker, porn performer, content creator and avid sexual wellbeing enthusiast, known for his irreverent manner and his big dick. Born in 1984 and raised in conservative Poland, at the age of 22 he dropped out of university, quit his teaching job and moved to the UK to pursue a different life and other career opportunities. In 2013 he started working in gay porn and has since filmed with over 20 studios and become one of the most recognised performers in the industry. In 2017 he shared his HIV status in a candid YouTube video. Ever since he’s been working to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS & sexual health. Some of his work included How To Stay Neg (a collaboration with Impusle Group featuring Bianca Del Rio) and How To Stay Positive When You Test Positive. In recent years Kayden has been investing his efforts in closing the gap between sex and sexual education by merging his activism with his adult. The first result of that work was a high production 2-part HIV-awareness porn short called U Equals Fucking U, created by Kayden and directed and produced by altSHIFT. The film went live in early 2021 and included the performer’s first ever bareback scene, along costar Bishop Black. The production was soon followed by an amateur series called KaydenUNWRAPPED - a succession of hybrid videos where after every bareback scene you can stay behind for a bit of naked sex ed. UEFU and KaydenUNWRAPPED exist in two versions: explicit & censored, both available on

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